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ICE-SA operates and maintains the ICE-SA Panel of NEC Adjudicators. In order to ensure that the panelists are current with the industry, two workshops are hosted on pertinent adjudication topics each year.

This workshop is opened to the public for registration, and it is anticipated to provide improved access to affordable, effective and appropriate dispute resolution through adjudication.

The Leonardo is a 55-floor mixed-use property development in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa that stands at a height of 234 metres, 11 metres taller than the previous tallest building in Africa, the Carlton Centre. The building is built at 75 Maude Street, approximately 100 metres away from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in the heart of Africa’s richest square kilometre.

The appointed structural engineer responsible for this structure, Mr Don Midgeley, will present a lecture to provide insight into the challenges in the design, construction and development of this special building. The challenges of design, the challenges of construction and the delivery of this project will be explained – a project not to be missed!

In the lecture critical success factors in high technology projects will be examined by comparing the Square Kilometre Array, the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor and the Reactor Conversion Project in the context of a historical view of South African technology policy. These three complex endeavours illustrate rather well what mistakes can be made in the conceptualising and in the execution of such projects. The conclusion is that the confluence of a range of diverse factors such as sufficient prototyping, understanding and balancing political stakeholders, getting the organisational culture right and managing ambitions and aspirations is necessary for success to be achieved.

COVID-19 Impacts on Projects in Ghana

The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the construction industry especially hard. The impact on the industry in developed countries has been mitigated by clear understandings, efficient networks of primary health care responders and availability of sufficient quantities of PPE. 

Africa and other developing regions have experienced further impacts due to the way in which projects are implemented here. This virtual lecture will provide insights into the way that the pandemic has affected daily life in Ghana, restrictions that were implemented, and the associated timelines. The Ghanaian Government reactions, along with the reactions of other nations around the world have impacted directly on the ability to deliver projects which were at different stages of delivery. 

The current effects of the pandemic will be discussed, along with the impacts on projects. The contractual notifications under the FIDIC Yellow Book will be reviewed and the mechanisms that are required for properly documenting the impacts, and formulating claims for extension of time will be discussed from a practical perspective. The different responses from Employer organisations  will be discussed, as well as the strategies for dealing with these from a contractors' perspective. 

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still preventing work from returning to normal on many sites in Ghana, and we will consider the future and perhaps long lasting results of the pandemic on construction in developing countries.

About our speaker
Finlo Paish
Senior Advisor,
China Harbour

Finlo has over 45 years’ experience as a contractors Project Director in many locations worldwide. He has delivered many projects and recently led the massive new Tema Port Expansion project construction in Ghana.  Finlo graduated from Birmingham University with a degree in Civil Engineering in 1975 and started working overseas for contractor Taylor Woodrow International. He worked on Roads, Airports, Water Plants, and Ports as a Project Director in locations worldwide including the Far and Middle East, Africa, Caribbean and South America. In 1993 Finlo joined Midmac Construction in Qatar and assisted them in delivering LNG facilities in Ras Laffan, an airport, and power stations as Director of Construction. In 1998 Finlo joined Biwater International and worked on a number of significant design and build water and sewage jobs worldwide, before as Project Director for Carillion helping to develop Cairo Festival City. As Head of Construction for APM Terminals he oversaw the redevelopment of Callao Port in Peru, and recently led the massive new Tema Port Expansion Project construction.

The fourth industrial revolution is now!

The scope of the fourth industrial revolution is far beyond the previous digital or information revolutions - it refers to a transformation that impacts on all aspects of civil society, governance structures, human identity, economics and manufacturing; it integrates human beings and machines, the physical and the cyber through the underlying technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), nanotechnology, biotechnology, internet of things, cyber security, cloud computing, autonomous vehicles, and more that we've not dreamed of yet!